The Poverty Over Sculpture
Cathedrals Nationwide
Christian Aid commissioned a sculpture for their 'Poverty Over' Campaign, a dramatic piece in enamelled steel. It was unveiled at Southwark Cathedral in January 2011 by Loretta Minghella. It toured some forty cathedrals and places of worship in Britain. It is not often a piece of art has the opportunity to appear in so many cathedral locations.

The key to the sculpture's message is in the juxtaposition of two huge spun steel vessels, the interiors of which represents inverted human eyes. The surreal and evocative piece draws the viewer in with its elevated and conspicuous eye representing society's conscious. As one approaches the second eye, looks up from the deep interior of the lower bowl, this is the eye of poverty. An unbalanced arrangement.

The piece was sold at auction by Ewbank Auctioneers in 2015.