Creating Illumination – Hand Blown Sheet Glass
— March 2019
I have used many different types of glass working techniques during the creation of the Illumination Window for Durham Cathedral. You will hopefully find a series of blogs I have written for Durham Cathedral about the techniques I have used, from etching to enamelling and beyond.

After the full sized cartoon I made to expand my design, the story of the creation of the stained glass all started with the most beautiful hand made glass from Glashuette Lamberts of Germany. I used a very special type of sheet glass called flashed glass, where layers of colour are blown into a single sheet. This forms a surface that can then be hand worked.

I made a record of my trip to the Lamberts glass blowing factory in Waldsassen. Here I selected the glass for Durham Cathedral with Manfred Mislik.
Watch the Film

Enjoy the film. It says more than I can describe in words about how the glass is very skilfully made!