Durham Cathedral: New Cathedral Window for 2018
— November 2016
I am pleased to announce that I have been commissioned by Durham Cathedral to design and make a new window for Durham Cathedral. Spiritually the Cathedral is one of Britain’s most important buildings, and this UNESCO World Heritage site is architecturally considered to be one of our most important buildings, with 700,000 visitors a year.
The new window will be in memorial to Sara Pilkington who was a student at the University at Durham. As such it will be contemporary, youthful and full of energy: being worked by my hand from design through to the glass.
The north-facing window is the last clear window in the series of stained glass windows that encapsulates the high altar and the Shrine of St Cuthbert, and is approximately 26m2.

I am very excited about this project, and as a contemporary glass artist I am delighted to have the opportunity to put modern work into such a noteworthy building. I am also humbled, as the new window will reside alongside the Shrine of St Cuthbert where the saint is buried.

Installation is planned for 2018.
Mel Howse outside Durham Cathedral
Beautiful and ancient: The High Altar Durham Cathedral