London Craft Week
— May 2019
On 9th May 2019, as part of London Craft Week, I was invited to join fourteen other QEST scholars gathered to celebrate their skills at Pewterer's Hall.

They were designers and makers from diverse creative fields drawn together by the portraits of photographer Julian Calder, for the book 'A Celebration of British Craftsmanship'.

Julian Calder gave a lecture to visitors and scholars which made this an extra special event. It was a personal insight into his work and his career. Julian's prestigious portfolio of portraits includes extraordinary events, people and places, including royalty.

He showed us that as an artist his experience enables him to be creatively prepared for anything, anyone, any location. I felt honoured to be party to his wisdom, and his methods of working. It was interesting to reflect on ones own work in that light.

Longevity in creative terms needs to be thought about. In a world that is very fast moving it is easy to forget that some creative skills take many decades to master.

See below the portrait that Julian Calder took of me with my work for the book 'A celebration of British Craftsmanship' which was published in 2018.
Mel Howse by Julian Calder 2018.