The Illumination Window Installed
— April 2019
Installation of the Illumination Window started in early April.

It is hard to express the feelings when gently packing up a dear work of art into crates; a work that has been a friend for a long time. It has taken up every surface, table, wall, easel and light box for years. Pieces of glass at every stage of their design development, and en-mass on the easels, to be viewed and progressed. Its conception as an uplifting memorial to a beautiful young woman, the brief of 'Illumination' and the awesome architecture which would become its home, were always in my mind.

Now it living as part of the fabric of Durham Cathedral in the North quire Aisle, next to the Shrine of St Cuthbert. This window completes the visual journey around the Chapel of The Nine Altars - creating a backdrop from many views.

Now in-situ, the vibrancy of the colours light up the North Quire Aisle. The rhythmic composition is in pure colour. The movement within the design is created by a structure of white that runs like a thread through a field of changing colour transitions. The patterns within the window are rising towards a cacophony of interlocking shapes. It is a sliding palette of primaries.

You can see here some of the press coverage that the installation attracted as the first panels went in, and eventually as the scaffolding came down.

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