The Palace of The Spirit
— March 2019
Joan Miro said in his diary of 1941"
"You have to be prepared to work in the most absolute indifference and obscurantism / live to work as long as possible / and when you no longer have the means to continue working, close yourself even further inside / the palace of the spirit in the purest contemplation"
Miro was talking about working on his Constellations series. His words were recorded in Lluis Permanyer's book about the artist entitled A Life of Passion.

I am on an intense journey of my own, as I work on The Illumination Window for Durham Cathedral. I am feeling the rhythm of the design driving every physical process as I make the piece; and the glasswork is unfolding with its own energy.

I am familiar with the euphoria and feeling of flight that making art can bring 'the palace of the spirit'. There is a place of pure contemplation created when mind, heart, soul and vision connect. Silence, peace and also music can be helpful, and limitless working hours useful in order that one's own energies match the aesthetic opportunities that are developing.

Stained glass thrives on passion; and strength of feeling is a creative tool.
Panels 55 and 56 of The Illumination Window, in the kiln.