Unveiling Dr John Radcliffe in Oxford
— October 2018
On Tuesday 25th September a splendid bronze sculpture of the eminent Dr John Radcliffe was unveiled. The larger-than-life size sculpture was created by artist Martin Jennings, to mark the tercentenary of Radcliffe’s death. It was commissioned by The Ashmolean Museum with finance from the Radcliffe Trustees.

Located prominently outside the Radcliffe Observatory at Oxford’s Green Templeton College, it is fitting that the figure of this physician and philanthropist looks out from the observatory across to a more modern architectural landscape. John Radcliffe (1653-1714) was the most successfull physician of his day.

The confident stance of Martin Jennings’ sculpture will surely inspire those studying today to reach for the highest of goals.
The staircase of The Radcliffe Observatory which leads to The Tower of The Winds at the top of this beautifully proportioned building.
Dr John Radcliffe by Martin Jennings.