Otford OMC
Otford Methodist Church in Kent completed the construction of their new church in 2017. This contemporary building was designed by Clague Architects and looks to the future of the church family.

Mel designed for the new 26 square metre south-facing façade window that greets you on the approach to the building, and which faces directly into the community.

The design composition is abstract with an open interpretation. Its tessellated style is inspired by the elements as described in the Bible, and has a celestial feel. In addition Mel was also commissioned to make a full-size glass cross, which resides centrally at the back of the generous-curved dais. In contrast to the window, this is a visually weightless and sensitive piece in clear glass, and which is designed to be illuminated from all angles and work with the lighting designer’s lighting scenes.
The installation of the South Window at Otford Methodist Church