St Cuthbert’s Portsmouth
St Cuthbert's Church, Copnor, Portsmouth
St Cuthbert’s have commissioned two pieces of art in enamelled steel in 2013 and 2017.

Mel has enjoyed a long and creative relationship with St Cuthbert’s Church in Portsmouth. St Cuthbert’s undertook on a major re-ordering to their vast Victorian building, which gave the local community a doctor’s surgery, community rooms, a nursery, as well as their own very special worship space.

Architects Nick Lee Evans LLP designed the architectural scheme. One of the most exciting aspects of the interior of the new St Cuthbert's church is its significant scale, its majestic arches, and its light.

Mel designed ‘The Vortex font’ which appears as a pillar or vortex of water bursting out of the church floor. At the base, the design starts as a spiral progressively working its way up the base - its continuity representing regeneration. The baptism vessel appears to be held atop of the rising water.

The font has a centred and visually-powerful shape, accentuating the grounding and symbolism of God and the Trinity. The energetic and elaborate piece is made in enamelled steel and combines skilled woodworking elements and unusual metalwork.

St Cuthbert’s also commissioned a reredos to give further focus to the sanctuary. The enamelled steel reredos echoes the design generated within the font, and represents the spirit of St. Cuthbert and his links with the land and the sea.

Seen from the back of the church it looks as if the reredos design is rising from the font, and the font rising from the floor.